Join us on May 23rd, 2014 at UCSB's Campbell Hall

Art Show 6:30PM • Doors Open 7:30PM • Show Starts 8:00PM

Reel Loud is UCSB's largest and most dynamic film festival. It provides a showcase for filmmakers, artists, musicians, and other performers to display their work in front of hundreds of audience members on the big screen at Campbell Hall on campus.

The one-night festival consists primarily of silent short films with live musical accompaniment, however it also exhibits an art show, musical guests, and a variety of acts between film screenings, which range from dance to stand-up comedy to a cappella performances. Refreshments, a raffle and silent auction, an art contest, and photo backdrops are all part of the pre-show experience, so an early arrival time is encouraged.

The Reel Loud Film Festival began in 1991 as a way for students associated with the UCSB Filmmakers' Co-op to publicly showcase their work. Although it began as a silent 16mm film festival, reminiscent of the beginnings of cinema, it has since become fully digital, giving students more flexibility in post-production editing and allowing for budgets to be focused on the countless other aspects of the filmmaking process. Reel Loud is now in its 23rd year, and on May 23rd, 2014 the tradition of student filmmaking will continue.