covid-19 guidelines

These are the guidelines followed by the UCSB Film and Media department. While REEL LOUD is not liable for and cannot enforce any choices made by filmmakers, we strongly recommend adhering to these guidelines for your submissions to keep your community safe.  

Reel Loud Virtual

Scripts / Treatments

• Scripts / Treatments should not include the following:

• Interior spaces. 

Crowds, parties, large gatherings.

• Young children or elderly (anyone under 9 yrs old or over the age of 60)

• Many locations (the fewer locations the better.)

• Scenes in which talent would be required to make contact (i.e. a fight.)

Sound Stage

• The Sound Stage is closed and may not be reserved for any productions.


• Use of student-owned equipment is encouraged, but some equipment is

available for checkout.

• Checkout of equipment is by appointment only.

• Only one person from each crew to pick up / drop off equipment.

• During checkout / check-in, students will remain outside at all times.

• All equipment to be thoroughly cleaned between checkouts.

Reel Loud Stage


• Skeleton crews to be used for all shoots. In any shooting space, there is to be a

10-person limit (including cast & crew.)

• Students must not share cars with anyone outside of their household.


• Casting is to be held remotely, links to work 

portfolios encouraged.

• In-person rehearsals to be approved only on a case-by-case


• Doubles should be used whenever possible (i.e. a crew

member’s hand rather than an actor’s hand.)

• Talent to self-place wireless lavalier microphones whenever in


• No one under the age of 9 or over the age of 60 may be cast.

Face covering

• Face covering to be used by crew on set at all times.

• Talent must wear face coverings at all times except when on


Hand Washing

• All crews will follow established protocols for hand washing (i.e. with soap, hot water and for at least 20 seconds)

Social Distancing

• Crew members to maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from each other. Instructors must approve any situations that would require less distance between people.

• Crews must maintain a distance of 18 feet away when Talent is not wearing a mask, with required distances clearly marked on set.


• Outdoor locations only.

• Hand-sanitizer must be available at all locations.

• Alcohol wipes must be available and used immediately when any gear or props, etc. change hands.


• Anyone who feels sick must stay home and report their condition to 

Production Manager.

• All crews will be required to purchase a Non-contact Digital Infrared

Forehead Thermometer

• Everyone must have temperature checked prior to admittance to any set.

• Anyone with a temperature of over 100.9 degrees is not to be admitted to

any set and this must be reported to instructors.

• 10 ft. visible markers must be utilized on set to show all the required

distance they must maintain from others.

• Only one person allowed into any bathroom at a time.

Reel Loud Masks
Reel Loud Covid


• All talent must arrive with makeup already applied.

• No makeup should be applied on the set.

Food On Set

• All food items must be individually wrapped.

• All involved to have their own water bottles. No sharing of utensils, cups, plates, etc.