REEL LOud 2021

The REEL LOUD Film and Arts Festival is an annual student-organized event at UC Santa Barbara that celebrates student films, art, music, dance, performance, and more. Now in it's 30th year, Reel Loud is known for it's unique take on silent films; they debut with a live music performance.


The pandemic has turned all our worlds upside down. But our current moment is an opportunity to reimagine the ways we connect with each other, our community, our planet and our own selves. In the spirit of community, collaboration, and accessibility, we are excited to reimagine our Reel Loud festival!



Reel Loud Online
Reel Loud Outdoors

The entirety of the festival line-up (film, arts and music) will be available online. We will be unable to have live musical performances accompanying the films. However, we encourage filmmakers to collaborate with local musicians to come up with an original soundtrack for their film. Additionally, we hope to feature local band performances in the form of pre-recorded videos as part of the line up!

We plan to host an outdoor festival screening at the West Wind Drive-In theatre in Goleta. We are also planning for a socially distanced art exhibition and community mural project in Isla Vista. We hope that these projects foster a sense of community and connection through art. All planning is dependent on public health recommendations in May. 

Reel Loud Poster

This year's theme

REIMAGINE Connection

For this year, in a time where we must get creative to see each other, we invite you to “Reimagine Connection.” Reimagine the relationship you have to your loved ones, your community and yourself. We believe that art and community are vessels of hope and imagination that pave the way forward.


Our committee has been working since September to organize this year's festival and make it greater and more accessible than ever before. The perspectives that have led this festival range from art, film, political science to computer science. We aren’t just for art students - we are an opportunity for every individual in our Santa Barbara community to celebrate our creativity. 




Santa Barbara Art Works Partnership

Each year, Reel Loud partners with a community organization working towards social justice . This year we will be donating part of our proceeds and collaborating on art exhibition with Santa Barbara Art Works. 

Santa Barbara Art Works is an artist studio-gallery with a primary goal of helping artists with disabilities create, show, and sell their work. Secondly, they are an integrative community space for local artists to collaborate on exhibits, teach classes, and create works of art. Learn more about the incredible work Santa Barbara Art Works is doing in our community below.

The Reel Loud Film and Arts Festival will be donating a portion of the 2021 festival proceeds to Santa Barbara Art Works. We will also be inviting artists from the Santa Barbara Art Works studio to participate in our local art exhibition!