submission guidelines

Submissions Open: Feb 15th to April 25th at 5pm. 



  • Up to 7 minutes in length, credits included.

  • Silent (no dialogue). This does not include soundtrack. 

  • Not created or any way produced by members of the REEL LOUD organizational committee. Exceptions can be made to this rule at the discretion of the committee. If the committee member(s) in question agrees to remove themselves from the submission selection process, the film is eligible for competition.

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Competing Films Must Be

Requirements for Selection (April 25th)

  • This year, there is an option for filmmakers to either 

    • Include your own soundtrack for the film 

    • OR contact us to partner with a UCSB/IV area band for music   

  • We select films for the festival based only on what is submitted. Please note the following:

    • A final cut is highly recommended but not required.

    • Double check that your film is viewable via the link that you submit it on.

    • Incomplete films are much less likely to be selected than finished products.

    • If possible, provide a potential soundtrack that you would want for your film (either a collaboration with student artists or obtained/licensed music). 

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  • There are no restrictions on the content of your films.

  • Films may use stock/found footage

  • The footage must be altered or edited in some way to show original creative thought.

  • Films using any pre-existing footage will not be considered for the category of “Best Cinematography.”

  • Please note that the festival is open to audiences of all ages.

  • We reserve the right to place a disclaimer/ trigger warning before your film to alert the audience.


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  • All rights to the film are maintained by the filmmaker.

  • The festival claims no ownership or responsibility for the production of final films.

  • The festival reserves the right to use all submitted content for advertising and other promotional efforts for the current and future events.


  • The committee will select films based on a variety of factors including but not limited to time, aesthetics, themes, spirit, vibe, and technical considerations. All this is to say that there are many factors that go into programing a festival and whether your film is selected or not does not necessarily reflect your skill as a filmmaker.

  • The REEL LOUD Committee reserves total control over selection of the films and the decisions of the selection committee are final.

  • Individual filmmakers are welcome to promote their individual films across social media.

  • We encourage submitting a poster with your film so that the Reel Loud Publicity Team can promote your film on our social media platforms leading up to the festival.

  • Filmmakers are allowed to submit more than one film!

  • This does not increase the filmmaker’s chances of being chosen for the festival. We do not recommend linking the plots of multiple submissions.

  • All performers musical or otherwise must sign a performance contract in order to appear at the festival.

  • If a competitor has any questions, comments, or concerns please send us an email at or use our contact page.

Other Important Points



  • Open now

  • Submission Deadline: Friday, April 25th, 2021, 5:00pm

Art Submission Period

  • Art submissions are in conjunction with the festival theme

  • Submit photos of entry to Google form:

  • Though this is not required, artists will have the opportunity to display their art in a socially distanced public exhibition in Isla Vista in May. 

    • If you will not be able to send your art to be displayed at this exhibition, we can still display it online on the website. ​

  • The festival will supply easels, chairs, tables, easy ups and will try our best to support any other needs for exhibition.

  • The in person art exhibition will take place in a park in Isla Vista early. 

Submission Guidelines



Musical Involvement

  • Due to Covid-19 protocol, we will be unable to have live musical performances to accompany the films. However we are encouraging musicians to collaborate with filmmakers on original soundtracks for their films

  • If you are interested in collaborating, please fill out the form below and we will work to pair you with a filmmaker who fits your creative vision